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Sonoma, CA

Sonoma, CA

One of the richest of California's many cities in historic significance, Sonoma claims the home of Mariano Vallejo and the site where the Bear Flag was first raised to claim U.S. rights to California. However, most of the city's residential development occurred after World War II, shaping neighborhoods of suburban homes and neat lawns. While most of Sonoma does not resemble a page from the history book, home choices offer a pleasing mix of periods and styles, from Spanish architectural lines to Victorians, redwood contemporaries, and sprawling ranches. Sonoma manages to harmonize many aspects of work, play, and homelife that most communities tend to separate. Elements of old-fashioned country charm and modern suburbia are blended effortlessly into the cityscape, placing earthy farm scenes within a mile or two of downtown. The community's country roots can also be felt in the town square-a delightful retreat of duck ponds and playgrounds-surrounded by restaurants, shops, bookstores, and a movie theater. This "Valley of the Moon" is also renowned as the birthplace of California's wine industry, and Sebastiani runs its winery within a block of the mission. Nearby communities like Glen Ellen and Kenwood or Boyes Hot Springs are filled with wine-country delights such as fine restaurants, spas, and luxurious inns. Closer to home, sports and recreation programs combine with social and service clubs to fill the leisure hours of every age group.

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